MicroLab, Inc.

  • Founded: 2015
  • CEO: Richard Healey
  • Size of Facility: 4000 sq ft
  • Company Size: 6
  • Funding Source: Investor Funded
  • Development Stage: On the market

MicroLab is creating truly integrated microfluidic technology that revolutionizes DNA analysis for forensic applications. Using a non-solid phase DNA extraction, our patented infrared PCR and a unique polymer, we are committed to creating innovative products to improve forensic analysis for crime labs and law enforcement agencies on both national and international landscapes.

The PDQeX 2400 is a rapid, robust DNA extraction device that can achieve PCR and human profile-ready DNA in under ten minutes. The fully-automated device is a simple, closed-tube system that reduces costs, human error and sample contamination all while significantly improving processing times.