AMPEL BioSolutions Joins the Downtown Cville Biotech Ecosystem

On Tuesday January 17, AMPEL BioSolutions will relocating their office to the Lewis and Clark building in downtown Charlottesville.  AMPEL, founded in 2013, has grown from their original two founding members to over 20 employees. “This new space will allow us the flexibility to grow and bring us closer to the resources that UVA has to offer as well as the added perk of being near the downtown mall,” says Dr. Amrie Grammer, COO and CSO for AMPEL.  Dr. Peter Lipsky, CEO and CMO of AMPEL, adds “AMPEL is very excited to part of the dynamism of downtown Charlottesville.  We are especially grateful to Mrs. Janny van Beek, the owner of Today’s Property Management, who has made this move possible.”

To learn more about AMPEL BioSolutions please visit their website at