AMPEL BioSolutions and ArcheMedX Form Partnership Aimed at Improving Success Rate of Clinical Trials


AMPEL BioSolutions and ArcheMedX Form Partnership Aimed at Improving Success Rate of Clinical Trials

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia – AMPEL BioSolutions, a leading translational medicine and clinical operations company and ArcheMedX, a digital platform for effective online health care education and training programs, today announced a new collaboration to transform clinical trial recruitment and retention by enabling research sites to more effectively educate and continually engage clinical staff and patients.

The partnership will address the challenges with patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials by developing a new model for improving communication and education across study sites. By combining AMPEL’s extensive clinical expertise with the award-winning ArcheMedX e-learning and analytics platform, AMPEL and ArcheMedX will ensure that principal investigators, trial coordinators, clinical staff, and patients are well informed and continually engaged throughout the trial.

Dr. Peter Lipsky, MD, CEO and chief medical officer of AMPEL BioSolutions said, “This collaboration directly addresses the major challenge in clinical trials in the United States, namely patient recruitment, by engaging sites directly and providing the education and team building foundation that is essential for success.”

This partnership is the culmination of years of independent efforts by both organizations to improve clinical outcomes through distinctly unique solutions.

“Clinical trials are essential to advancing the quality of care, and we have already seen the impact more effective education, communication, and engagement can have on study sites,” said Joel Selzer, co-founder and CEO of ArcheMedx. Through this collaboration, we can dramatically lower operational costs and improve the probability for a successful trial.”

In recent years, patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials has become increasingly difficult as 15 to 20 percent of trial sites never enroll a single patient, and 90 percent of study sites often fail to meet their enrollment goals. Since patient enrollment has a heavy cost and is critical to the success of a trial, there have been numerous attempts to identify the underlying challenges and offer potential solutions.

Study sites face obstacles in identifying, recruiting, and retaining patients. In addition, the overwhelming majority of patients are unaware a trial may be an option and/or have not been provided with sufficient education about the potential value and benefit the trial may provide. Patient involvement and clinical site engagement are essential for clinical trial success and both will be the focus of this new initiative.

About AMPEL BioSolutions

AMPEL is a recognized leader in translational and precision medicine and has designed, organized and analyzed a number of successful proof-of-concept clinical trials.

About ArcheMedX

ArcheMedX powers hundreds of more engaging and effective online education and training programs for the nation’s leading healthcare organizations.

New Partnership

Both headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, a thriving biosciences, technology, and startup ecosystem, AMPEL Biosciences and ArcheMedX are well positioned to combine forces and dramatically improve the success rate of clinical trials across the country.

Contacts: Kate Vega, Communications Dir of AMPEL BioSolutions (434-326-8272) or Joel Selzer, CEO ArcheMedX (434-962-5987)