Ivy Foundation Backs 14 COVID Translational Research Projects

As reported recently in UVA Today, UVA has selected 14 promising biomedical research projects to receive funding from the Ivy Foundation COVID-19 Translational Research Fund.

The projects include development of biosensors, artificial intelligence for testing, vaccine development, novel treatment options and better data analytics to predict the spread of the virus.

“We felt it was important to use our resources to help our community, and to leverage the breadth of the University of Virginia’s research to make an impact with COVID-19,” Dr. Bobby Battle, who chairs the Ivy Foundation, said. “We’re really impressed with the range and quality of the projects funded.

“We would like to thank the review committee, consisting of diverse experts on broad range of topics, including one of the world’s leading experts on SARS virus, for contributing their time and expertise to direct us toward projects that may change the COVID-19 landscape.”

The Charlottesville-based Ivy Foundation committed $2 million in May to help accelerate biomedical research on COVID-19 at UVA and to support research that addresses the diagnosis, treatment options, vaccine development and health care worker protection needs for COVID-19.

More of the story here.

(Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University Communications)