Community and Industry Leaders Join Expanded Board of Directors

With an ambitious vision for growth, advancing the organization mission, and deepening connection to the local community, CvilleBioHub announces the recent appointments of three board members to a newly expanded Board of Directors.

New members include Andy Krouse, entrepreneur-in-residence at UVA Licensing & Ventures Group; Dana Goldsmith, local entrepreneur/investor; and Payam Pourtaheri, founder & CEO of Agrospheres. Nathan Evans, partner and registered patent attorney at Woods Rogers, was named Corporate Secretary. These leaders join existing board members and co-founders Taylor Cope and Susan Klees.

Meet our new and returning board members, and learn how they are planning to contribute in helping CvilleBioHub and the regional biotech industry sector grow, below.


Andy Krouse
“My goal is threefold: to help grow the biotech ecosystem in Charlottesville, integrate CvilleBioHub in the broader life sciences community in the Commonwealth, and bring in outside Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Big Pharma executives to showcase Charlottesville’s strengths and build connections.”


Dana Goldsmith
“I am hopeful that my background in hi-tech startups combined with my knowledge of biotech companies will be useful in helping grow and develop local companies. Charlottesville has the potential to become an epicenter of innovation in the life sciences and biotech. The timing feels really right for a large growth spurt.”


Payam Pourtaheri
“As a founder in the Charlottesville area, there were a lot of instances where things went our way in terms of access to infrastructure and capital. I intend to work with the community and external partners to establish a means for new companies to have access to the same opportunities we had.”


Susan Klees
“My vision when creating the BioHub was to bring together the diverse life sciences organizations in our region to help grow the industry and share best practices. I look forward to continuing to help connect individuals and companies in our united effort to improve human health and wellbeing.”


Taylor Cope
“Continuing the efforts and relationship building needed to successfully develop a site for companies in the BioHub that are either newly emerging, rapidly growing or already well-established is high on the list. The creation of a versatile and functional space for the BioHub community to gather, collaborate, work, and learn would be a huge step forward.”


Nathan Evans
“I see so much innovation coming out of UVA and Charlottesville, and I want to see Virginia, Cville and the surrounding areas become leaders of innovation in biotechnology and pharma that attract new opportunities and local jobs.”


Nikki Hastings
“I’m looking forward to see how much this synergistic and collaborative group, with our diverse skill sets and perspectives, can accomplish together. Our organization capabilities will be greatly enhanced and our impact more far reaching.”