Male Contraceptive Initiative Invests $1 Million in Contraline to Conduct Clinical Trial on ADAM™

Durham, NC and Charlottesville, VA – Male Contraceptive Initiative (MCI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has partnered with the medical device company Contraline, Inc. to provide a $1 million Program Related Investment (PRI) to support a first-in-human clinical trial for the company’s novel vas-occlusive contraceptive device, ADAM™.

This is the first PRI from Male Contraceptive Initiative and is representative of the organization’s continued evolution. “We are very excited about adding program related investments to our portfolio as a means of accelerating male contraceptive product development through a “team science” approach. Returns on these investments will go directly back into supporting research efforts to continue driving the field of non-hormonal male contraception forward,” said MCI Executive Director Heather Vahdat. “Contraline is a particularly exciting investment opportunity as they are the first US-based company to bring a novel non-hormonal male contraceptive to the clinical stage; it shows that we are moving closer and closer to realizing a more robust portfolio of contraceptive options that includes more methods for men,” Ms. Vahdat added.

Contraline has developed ADAM™, the world’s first injectable hydrogel designed to provide long-lasting barrier contraception for men. ADAM is designed to be inserted into the vas deferens through a quick and minimally invasive outpatient procedure using local anesthesia, where the hydrogel blocks the flow of sperm without affecting sensation or ejaculation. ADAM may be the first set-and-forget male contraceptive method, similar to intrauterine devices (IUDs) for women.

MCI’s investment in Contraline will be used to establish proof-of-concept of safety and feasibility of the ADAM device and procedure through a human clinical trial. This is an important first step prior to conducting a larger efficacy study required for gaining regulatory approval and widespread consumer access to the procedure.

“We have been excited about Contraline’s technology since 2018, when we provided them with a grant to validate their benchtop and preclinical studies. Given the success of their science to date, we are pleased to expand our collaboration as Contraline continues advancing their male contraceptive towards the clinic,” said MCI Research Director Dr. Logan Nickels.

“We are grateful to MCI for their dedication to supporting innovation in male contraception and for recognizing the transformative potential of ADAM,” said Kevin Eisenfrats, Contraline co-founder and chief executive officer. “At Contraline, we are dedicated to developing new options for men who desire to take control of their fertility and we look forward to having our lead product, ADAM, enter the clinic soon.”

With over $5 million invested in product development, MCI seeks to advance male contraceptive research projects to market in order to achieve its organizational vision of “Reproductive Autonomy for All”. MCI’s mission is, “To empower men, and couples, to fully contribute to family planning goals by providing them the resources they need for reproductive autonomy.”

About Male Contraceptive Initiative: Male Contraceptive Initiative’s vision is “Reproduction Autonomy for All”, and works to accomplish this by bringing new male contraceptives to market. The non-profit accomplishes this through direct funding, technical support, research, and advocacy. They believe that couples deserve options and that they offer the biggest potential impact by focusing on male contraceptives. It’s time men are given more opportunities to contribute toward family planning.

About Contraline: Contraline is a venture-backed medical device company devoted to providing men and couples with long-lasting, safe, and effective contraception. The company is developing ADAMTM, a non-hormonal male contraceptive that uses proprietary advancements in hydrogel technology for occlusion of the vas deferens. The company was founded in 2015 by Kevin Eisenfrats and Dr. John Herr, and is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. To learn more, visit