Caretaker Medical

Charlottesville Startup Among Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Virginia

Caretaker Medical, a digital health startup in Charlottesville, was named one of the top 25 healthcare technology leaders of Virginia in 2023.

The company developed a wearable vital signs monitor and early-warning device.

Caretaker Medical says it is enabling critical care ICU monitoring for patients away from the hospital.

“We built a wireless, wearable patient monitor that uses a finger sensor to measure continuous beat-by-beat blood pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, fluid response, and a lot of advanced team dynamics that send continuous uninterrupted data about physiological health of patients from anywhere in the world,” Jeff Pompeo said.

Pompeo says Virginia has a great biotech ecosystem, and they are honored to be highlighted as one of the many innovative, med-tech companies in the commonwealth.