Fermentation Scientist


AgroSpheres is a venture-backed, startup company working on the cutting edge of agriculture-biotechnology. The company is a leader in the space of RNA manufacturing and delivery technology, pioneering scalable production of encapsulated RNA for Agriculture crop inputs and plant traits. The company envisions a future built by Nature’s technologies and is supported by strong Venture Capital Investments and corporate collaborations with the top Ag companies. The company is actively recruiting to expand its current team and boasts a great company culture and pioneering technology. The team is excited to welcome new talent and personalities to the existing team that are motivated by technology and positive environmental & social change. We are currently looking for a talented, team-oriented Scientist with deep microbial bioreactor fermentation expertise.

Key Responsibilities

  • Microbial fermentation pilot scale up & feed rate optimization
  • Microbial biomolecule expression optimization
  • Develop standardized fermentation protocols


  • Expert microbiology lab skills
  • Data management, analysis, communication
  • Mass balance tracking

Personal/ leadership

  • High emotional intelligence and well-developed conflict management skills
  • Strong personal commitment to professional development and eagerness to learn
  • Flexibility to assume a variety of roles
  • Outcome ownership
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Strong prioritization skills
  • Strong work ethic, diligence to follow through with tasks, and deliver tangible outcomes

Experience and Qualifications

The candidate must have experience operating a small scale (1-10L) bioreactor to grow E. coli or similar microorganisms to high cell densities by establishing control loops that monitor and maintain important parameters such as DO, pH and glucose levels. The candidate must have experience scaling fermentation from lab scale to 10,000L+. Fermentation experience with a focus on biomolecule expression, such as protein or RNA. The candidate must have experience in heterologous protein expression using E. coli, or similar microorganisms as expression hosts. The candidate should have familiarity with pilot fermentation scale up & industrial feed rate strategies.


Agriculture & Food Tech

Job Type



Charlottesville, Va.
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