Agenus is an immunology company discovering and developing novel checkpoint modulators, vaccines and adjuvants to treat cancer and other diseases. We are a dedicated group of scientists, researchers, biotechnologists, physicians, and business people working together toward one goal: to discover and develop therapies that can unleash the innate power of the body’s immune system to treat and potentially cure hard-to-treat cancers and other diseases. Our product candidates are designed to work by educating and activating the body’s immune system for a precise and potent attack on cancer. Our strategy is to help unlock the potential of one of the most exciting breakthrough areas in cancer treatment in decades, and to develop single agent and combination immune-oncology therapies that can help save lives.

Our approaches are driven by three platform technologies, including:

  • Our antibody platforms, including our proprietary Retrocyte Display™ and SECANT® technologies, and our antibody programs, including checkpoint modulators, or CPMs;
  • Our heat shock protein (HSP)-based vaccines; and
  • Our saponin-based vaccine adjuvants, principally our QS-21 Stimulon® adjuvant.

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