We are the global leader in integrated and sustainable robotic disinfection solutions. Our products are designed and supported with a complete understanding of our customers’ applications and needs.

We are passionate about using science and technology to solve human health and safety problems; and constantly pushing the quality of our innovations to set new standards for touchless autonomous functionality.

We are data, result, and cost driven. Our team-members come from the fields of microbiology, robotics, chemistry, computer science, and artificial intelligence. We want to make public environments safe and healthy around the world.

The MedBot AI-driven autonomous UVC robot can freely move in small spaces, avoid objects, identify all high touch surfaces, and move to an optimal distance to deliver the precise UVC power. The autonomous UVC robot’s software management system captures real-time information such as images, videos, performance reports, and efficacy data in a 3D space. This allows our clients to have top of the market cleaning and disinfection solutions.


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