MicroGEM unleashes the power of DNA to solve critical health and safety issues, providing accurate and expedient DNA extraction solutions for forensic, agricultural and biotech applications.

The underpinnings of our science are transformational. Marketed under the well-known ZyGEM brand, our DNA products are based on a unique portfolio of novel enzymes derived from extremophile microorganisms. Discovered over a period of 20 years by a team of scientists exploring the Ross Sea region of Antarctica, these microbial species were found living in extreme conditions such as boiling mud pools and geothermal vents.

Today, our scientists use these thermophilic bacteria and Antarctic fungi to create unique chemistries. When paired with our expertise in automated microfluidic instrumentation, we provide significantly increased speed, yield and accuracy of the analytic process. Human identification and crime scene analysis, disease detection in plants and crops, food quality testing, and clinical research are a few examples of pressing issues being addressed by ZyGEM technologies.

Our flagship instruments, the PDQeX 2400 and phytoGEM Plant System, are rapid, robust DNA extraction devices achieving PCR, plant and human profile-ready DNA in under twenty minutes.

MicroGEM International PLC is based in the United Kingdom with diversified operations in New Zealand, the United States and China. We continue to develop instruments and consumables to simplify nucleic acid analysis in the laboratory and beyond. Follow us to stay up to date with new products currently in development.


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