Mikro Systems


Mikro Systems is a high-technology manufacturing company serving international, high-technology companies, as well as government and academic customers. Using our patented TOMOTM manufacturing technology, we partner with these organizations to develop higher-performance products and advanced product development and manufacturing processes.


In a time of exponential innovation, Mikro is committed to helping its customers develop cutting-edge products through investment in research and development and the creation of new intellectual property.

As a global-minded company offering a highly versatile technology, we work with organizations in all parts of the world and participate in the Accessing International Markets (AIM) program, sponsored by The Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

Phone Number

(434) 244-6480


Devices & Instrumentation

Company Stage

Mature/On the Market

Company Size


Facility Size

30,000 sq ft


1180 Seminole Trail
Charlottesville, VA 22901