N. Brereton Medical Technologies, LLC


N. Brereton Medical Technologies is a medical device tech startup led by a recovered seven-year opioid addict and the inventor of a novel, self-tapering device, The Brereton Barrier®. This barrier is a patient-oriented medical device that empowers opioid-addicted individuals to safely self-manage tapering and ending their addiction without medication or therapy.

With morbidity and mortality related to substance use disorder growing and reaching critical proportions, and treatment options suffering from high rates of relapse, it is time to look between prevention and treatment to actually ending patient addiction. The focus and goal of the Brereton Barrier® Solution is to use this novel, patented platform to extend our model through proof-of-concept, safety and validated efficacy. Phase I of our mission will objectively demonstrate and validate the usability, feasibility, and safety of the Brereton Barrier® Solution in order to help patients safely end their addiction and reduce deaths. In addition, our product will prove to reduce strain on emergency response and healthcare systems from opioid addiction, its misuse and overdoses.

Like nearly all startup companies, N. Brereton strives toward something far grander than its current form, which may be described as “an addiction solution containing: reliance on self management, self reward, empowering discussion, and personalized progress timelines, all pointing toward the ultimate mission to end dependency.” The company’s chief operating officer explained, “I think it’s legitimately possible for us to create a real solution to the challenges of our addiction epidemic while lowering the unacceptable rates of recidivism all within a very reasonable cost structure that remains until each client has tapered off their dependency and recaptured their wellness and freedom. Our program builds a personalized catalogue that leads you to once again become the best person you can be.” Clients are provided a thirty day money back guarantee as well.

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