Revive Pharmaceuticals


Revive Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly growing, specialty pharma company which specializes in selling, distributing, marketing and manufacturing Rx products that help improve patients’ health and quality of life.

Revive Pharmaceuticals has an integrated sales, marketing and distribution platform consisting of 25 field sales representatives, 18 telesales representatives and a mailing/web based sampling program. These platforms combine to target all prescribing US Gastroenterologists (approx 16k), top prescribing IM,GP,FP’s (approx 20k identified by prescribing of GI products Librax, Bentyl, Lotronex) and a mixture of 70k generalists and specialists identified as having some potential for GI prescribing.

With larger companies shedding workforce to manage earnings, Revive sees an opportunity to create a new paradigm in specialty pharma by promoting products more efficiently than existing platforms. Revive focuses on targeted sales and marketing opportunities where we can efficiently penetrate the market to provide medical professionals with the appropriate attention, information and products to benefit their patients.

Without the burden of legacy systems, Revive is able to utilize the latest in technology and an entrepreneurial spirit to maximize MD coverage and capture growth opportunities. We have a web-based platform, superior data segmentation insights, dynamic collateral programs and a support system which enables maximum growth.

Revive can purchase existing branded products, provide outsourced sales coverage for white space areas on current Rx products, or promote products put into lifecycle management by larger pharma companies which no longer justify a dedicated detailing effort within their models.



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