Diversity and Inclusion Resources

CvilleBioHub has an ongoing commitment to advancing sector diversity, equity, and inclusion capabilities. We began educating and leading in this space in late 2020 by sharing insights with organization leaders, harnessing the energy and interest of interns, and providing coaching to organizations committed to advancing strategy and practice.  This work continues with self-guided resources intended to meet your individual and business needs as they evolve. Explore the content below.

Building An Inclusive & Diverse Team From The Ground Up

Recruitment is an elemental process for organizations.  Solid diversity, equity, and inclusion practice is rooted in ongoing learning and incremental change.  Each day we make hundreds of choices that impact ourselves and others.  This includes decisions made before, during, and after the hiring process.

Click here for a collection of resources intended to inform your choices both individual and organizational with best practice in mind.  Click on a link within the document (this is an interactive guide) and get started by expanding your awareness and building skills, so that you can evolve behaviors.

Build An Innovative Team With Rebel Ideas

Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking, by Matthew Syed, offers a simple set of illustrations that illuminate the power of diverse teams.  This 5-minute video is a simple introduction to a concept that often requires education and advocacy when introduced to individuals, teams, or an entire organization.  Reference the content to build your case or play the video to make the case from a third party perspective.  Either way, this is a resource that can help light the fire of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Top 10 Thought Starters to Build an IDEA Mindset

Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability (IDEA) is one area of every business that is constantly evolving, requires an ongoing commitment to learning, and is elemental to innovation and market expansion.  Explore the 10 action areas in this document. Wherever your organization is along the journey, there is an insight to inspire thought and drive action.

Thank you to IDEA Minds for the partnership and guidance in developing these resources.