Bio-manufacturing/Diagnostics | Devices/Instrumentation | Pharma/Therapeutics/Vaccines
Bio-manufacturing/Diagnostics, Devices/Instrumentation, Pharma/Therapeutics/Vaccines
  • Founded: 2012
  • CEO: Dr. Sean J. Hart
  • Size of Facility: 6000 sq ft
  • Company Size: 12
  • Funding Source: Investor Funded
  • Development Stage: On the market

LumaCyte provides researchers with a diagnostic tool that accelerates medical discoveries through a novel approach to cell analysis and sorting. LumaCyte’s patented technology empowers researchers to ask questions and seek answers without the bias of antibody based diagnostics. The technology is intended to significantly broaden the horizons of medical research and shorten the time to powerful medical breakthroughs.  Researchers will be able to better understand disease, accelerate the development of therapies, and discover cures for some of humankind’s most pressing health concerns.

Radiance is LumaCyte’s transformative research tool for single cell analysis and sorting. Radiance does not require genetic or antibody labels for identifying cells of interest. Existing cell sorting technologies primarily use antibody labels to detect cells, but these labels are sometimes not present uniformly, change over time, or are absent altogether. Radiance provides researchers the ability to discover new cell phenotypes and study biological changes that cannot be measured using the current antibody based methods.