Neurodegeneration Therapeutics Inc.
Contract Research Organization | Non-Profit | Research/Bioinformatics
Contract Research Organization, Non-Profit, Research/Bioinformatics
  • Founded: 2015
  • CEO: James P. Bennett, Jr., MD, PhD
  • Size of Facility: 1700 sf
  • Company Size: 1
  • Funding Source: Donors
  • Development Stage: Not Applicable

Neurodegeneration Therapeutics (NTI) is a small, non-profit biomedical research company focused on discovering the many molecular factors contributing to adult brain diseases (AD, PD and ALS). NTI was founded on the belief that these diseases are “heterogeneous”, meaning that not only are there multiple molecular causes of Neurodegenerative disease but that these factors vary from person to person. NTI uses modern technologies like iPSC derived neural stem cells and next-generation RNA sequencing (RNAseq) to generate the information needed formulate therapeutic cocktails for each patient.