TearSolutions, Inc.

  • Founded: 2013
  • CEO: Mark B. Logan
  • Size of Facility: ?
  • Company Size: 6
  • Funding Source: Grants (e.g. SBIR, CRCF, CIT), Investor Funded, Venture Captital/Private Equity
  • Development Stage: Phase 1-2 Clinical Trials, Pre-clinical

TearSolutions is focused on dry eye, the most common eye disease. The mission of TearSolutions is to advance a novel tear generation therapy for dry eye through phase II human clinical trials. The platform technology is centered on the remarkable tear protein lacritin that was discovered by the founders while at the University of Virginia​. TearSolutions has developed a proprietary synthetic fragment of lacritin called Lacripep. Lacripep is water soluble, stable in human tears for 16 hr, and equipotent to lacritin in cell protection studies.