CAV Angels


CAV Angels is a non-profit club composed of UVA alumni, faculty, parents, students, and friends of the University whose mission is:

  • To provide education on investment in private, early stage companies for members of the UVA family and networking opportunities to those who share interests in private equity investment.
  • To facilitate investment by members of the club in early stage growth companies founded by, owned by or managed by members of the UVA family.


We at CAV Angels have a lofty goal that can only be achieved with your participation and support: “Elevating the entrepreneurial ecosystem for UVA alumni by educating, connecting, funding, and mentoring the extended UVA startup community.” Though CAV Angels is not directly affiliated with or endorsed by UVA, we are focused on helping our fellow alumni.


CAV Angels offers three levels of membership in order to cater to a wider demographic than a typical angel group: full (accredited investors), educational (non-accredited investors), and student (full-time at the University). You don’t have to be an accredited investor in order to benefit from a CAV Angels membership, as we forefront the importance of education and connection in each of our membership offerings.


Partner Level

Founding Partner