Adial Pharmaceuticals Teams up with Eurofins for Genetic Biomarker Testing for Phase 3 Clinical Trial

Adial Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company researching development of medicines to treat addiction and CvilleBioHub member, is now collaborating with Eurofins Scientific, a global leader in bioanalytical testing, to provide the genetic testing during Adial Pharmaceutical’s Phase 3 clinical trial. The trial focuses on AD04, a genetically targeted therapeutic agent for the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder.

William Stilley is the President and CEO of Adial Pharmaceuticals. Describing their investigational product, Stilley states “AD04 uses a novel mode of action designed to reduce cravings for alcohol to effectively curb alcohol intake, without the requirement of abstinence prior to or during treatment. By genetically pre-screening patients prior to enrollment, our companion diagnostic genetic test should allow us to only enroll patients that have the genetic biomarkers indicating that they are likely to respond to AD04. This is expected to dramatically enhance the efficacy rates of AD04 in the Trial and reduce the time and cost needed to conduct the Trial.”

For more information, view the original press release by Adial Pharmaceuticals here.

About Adial Pharmaceuticals- ADial Pharmaceuticals is focused on developing novel and effective medications to treat addiction and related disorders. Our most advanced compound AD04 specifically targets Alcohol Use Disorder through a proprietary dosage. Furthermore, with a simple blood test, a proprietary genetic bio-marker can identify those patients that would be expected to respond to treatment with AD04 (approximately 35% of patients). AD04 was tested in a Phase IIb study in 283 patients and was shown to be effective against both the primary and secondary endpoints (p<0.05). AD04 is currently being positioned to commence Phase III trials. ADial also has other products in Phase II and early-stage development.