Rivanna Announces Record Second-Quarter Accuro Sales

Charlottesville, Va — Rivanna® has announced sales of the Accuro device with related service and equipment increased 263 percent versus the same period of the prior year following second-quarter results ending June 30, 2021. International sales generated 73 percent of the sales revenue, indicating the success of Rivanna’s expanding global distribution footprint.  

Will Mauldin, PhD, Co-Founder, and CEO of Rivanna, commented,

“Second-quarter Accuro sales exceeded our  expectations and were due in part to our strategic distribution partnerships. I’m thrilled to report that following an  unpredictable year through the pandemic, the Rivanna team has forged ahead with great resolve. With the increasing need for our products and technologies, we have expanded our manufacturing  capacity to meet the growing global demand for the Accuro product line and related medical equipment and  components. We are well-positioned to accelerate progress on our next-generation product platforms and  continue to advance our mission to elevate the global standard of care.”


Commercialization of the Accuro 3S and Accuro XV will address a billion-dollar market opportunity in pain  management, neurology, oncology, and emergency medicine.