AgroSpheres Inc. Welcomes Nobel Prize Winner Craig Mello to Advisory Board

AgroSpheres Inc., a leading biotechnology company at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, is proud to announce the addition of Nobel Prize winner Craig Mello to its advisory board. Dr. Mello’s exceptional expertise and groundbreaking work in the field of RNA interference (RNAi) will significantly bolster AgroSpheres’ mission to revolutionize agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Dr. Mello shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery that organisms use a form of programmable guided search, called RNAi, that enables both plants and animals to quickly and reversibly block the expression of genes that match a short RNA trigger sequence.  Discovery of this natural mechanism has already sparked the development of a new class of FDA approved medicines and when combined with AgroSpheres technology holds the promise for improving plant health and traits without causing permanent genetic modifications.

Ameer Shakeel, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of AgroSpheres, expressed his enthusiasm about this strategic addition to the company’s advisory board. “It is quite an honor and opportunity to collaborate with the scientist who paved the way for our work in RNAi,” Shakeel said. “Dr. Mello’s pioneering research in RNA biology and interference is a testament to his globally recognized scientific leadership. His insights and mentorship will be invaluable as we continue to develop cutting-edge solutions to address the complex challenges faced by the global agriculture industry.”

“I am truly excited to join AgroSpheres’ advisory board,” said Dr. Craig Mello. “Their commitment to leveraging innovative technologies that promote sustainable and efficient agriculture aligns with my passion for advancing science for the betterment of humanity.”

Noting his experience in witnessing the challenges the pharmaceutical industry faced in commercializing targeted RNA, Mello expressed confidence in AgroSpheres’ approach. “I believe AgroSpheres is well-positioned to make RNAi technology widely available in agriculture,” he added. “I look forward to contributing to their mission.”

Mello earned a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Brown University and a PhD from Harvard University in Cellular Developmental Biology. He conducted postdoctoral research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA, has been a member of the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School faculty since 1994.

Other notable awards for Dr. Mello include:

AgroSpheres Inc. is dedicated to developing environmentally responsible solutions for crop protection and enhancement, with a focus on reducing the environmental impact of agriculture while increasing its productivity. The addition of Dr. Craig Mello to the advisory board further solidifies the company’s commitment to scientific excellence and innovation.