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AMPEL is a Precision Medicine company commercializing a development pipeline of blood tests that measure dynamic RNA gene expression providing a real-time CLIA-certified report of inflammation status including drugs targets that are abnormal.  Unlike DNA tests which only need to be done once, AMPEL’s RNA blood or biopsy tests are utilized on demand with the goal of “treat to target” and optimal disease management for Lupus (LuGENE®) or Dermatology Conditions such as Psoriasis or Ezcema (DermaGENE®).  For an otherwise healthy individual, AMPEL’s prediction of inflammation with WellGENE® may be an early indicator of changes in the immune system that may be worth investigating further by a trained healthcare provider.  In addition, AMPEL works with Pharma/Biotech customers for target identification, pre-clinical models, post-hoc analysis and real-time enrichment during clinical trial enrollment.  The company’s portfolio of testsare supported by the AMPEL Genomic Platform of RNA analytic tools and explainable predictive AI.


  • Clinical Research
  • Therapeutics

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