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Enriching lives with simple and effective cannabinoid science.

Our Story begins with a 13 year old boy who needed help. A case of strep throat turned ugly when Ethan developed PANDAS- a condition characterized by brain inflammation, OCD and debilitating tics and repetitive movements, and the reason for the panda in our logo.

Life dramatically changed for Ethan and no one had any answers as to why. Eager to find a natural solution, Ethan knew he had to take responsibility for his own health. His wellness journey led him to discover CBD Oil and for the first time in his life, he could relax, refocus, and leap back into his life.

Having battled with the limitations of life because of our own health problems, we know CBD oil can quiet the noise- whether it’s physical or neurological symptoms we face. That is why our company is creating an honest, clean, and authentic approach in the supplement industry. Our vision is to explore uncharted territory, to create a healthy, life-giving environment, and redefine the way the cannabinoid industry operates.

We aren’t your typical CBD company. We believe that everyone has something to offer the world. Made by patients for patients, our goal is to empower you to start thinking differently about your health. That’s why we provide an alternative to conventional treatment by offering lab tested, clinically studied, and locally sourced cannabinoid technology you can trust.


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