Republic of Chile Exempts Tagatose From “Sugar” Grams

On April 16, 2024, the forward-thinking Chilean Ministry of Health issued a new regulation exempting Tagatose and Allulose from counting as “sugar” grams on Nutrition Facts Panels. A copy of the regulation is available here.

According to the new regulation (translated):

  • “In recent years, it has been possible to observe, in the Chilean market, the presence of two non-traditional carbohydrates/sugars that, unlike traditional sugars that provide 4 calories per gram, provide 0.2 calories per gram in the case of Allulose and 1.5 calories per gram in the case of Tagatose, which is why they are called ‘low energy’ sugars.”
  • “There is relatively recent scientific evidence on the metabolic effect that the substances Allulose and Tagatose have, and that it is different from the known effect of traditional sugars.”
  • “Considering the incorporation of these new substances in foods marketed in the national territory, and whose objective would be mainly to replace the use of traditional sugars, and in the context of the national policy on nutritional labeling of foods, it is necessary to label Allulose and Tagatose separately from traditional sugars.”
  • “‘Non-traditional’ sugars mean the following carbohydrates: Tagatose and Allulose.”
  • “In the declaration of nutrients, non-traditional sugars must be declared with their specific name and should not be counted either in the contribution of total sugars, or in the contribution of available carbohydrates.”

This is so smart and logical. Bonumose commends the Chilean Ministry of Health for its enlightened, nuanced, and solution-oriented understanding of new food ingredients and their potential to positively address the epidemic of diet-related diseases. Chilean consumers and food companies will benefit greatly from this decision.

Tagatose is an ultra-low glycemic index, prebiotic, naturally-occurring, sweet plant material found in tiny quantities in plants such as apples, pineapples, and the sap of a tree related to the cocoa tree. Bonumose’s patented process allows Tagatose to be made in high volumes and low cost from abundant plant-based feedstock. Tagatose does not spike blood glucose or insulin. Like fiber, Tagatose has physiological effects that benefit gut health, as well as metabolic and dental/oral health. Tagatose has 62% fewer calories than sugar (sucrose), yet retains the taste, flavor, and cookability of refined white sugar.

Bonumose’s Tagatose is certified as:

  • Prebiotic
  • Ketogenic
  • Non-GMO
  • Plant-Based/Vegetarian
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Death and suffering from diet-related diseases are avoidable tragedies. Thankfully some governments (Singapore, Mexico, now Chile, and others coming) understand this and address it through action, not empty words.

Tagatose is available for bulk purchase through ASR Group and its in-country distribution partners in Chile.