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Vuetech was born out of our founders’ lifelong devotion to improving the health, safety, and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals. Our mission: create innovative technologies that improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of modern health systems.

Vuetech Health Innovations seeks to revolutionize patient safety with EVA (Emergency Video Alerts), the first AI system designed to predict and prevent falls, pressure ulcers, and other adverse events in nursing homes and hospitals using state-of-the-art computer vision technology. EVA’s patent-pending algorithm recognizes dangerous situations as they develop, and notifies caregivers in real time so they can prevent these harmful events from ever happening. EVA personalizes risk management by adapting to each patient’s specific medical needs, and upholds patient privacy by synchronously analyzing and deleting the raw video data.

Vuetech’s mission is to improve healthcare for patients, providers, and systems. Please reach out if you are interested in EVA’s technology or want to learn more!


Jefferson Griscavage


  • Devices & Instrumentation
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